Big Save Furniture New Zealand

Big Save Furniture promotes itself as the largest discount furniture store of New Zealand. Indeed, you can find it in many cities of New Zealand, which we will enlist later on. Here, we would like to introduce you to the collections and overall offer of Big Save Furniture.

Big Save Furniture, founded in 1973, is one of the largest furniture chains of New Zealand. It is especially famous for its discount prices and contrary to the low price, it offers neither bad quality nor limited variety of furniture. You can find a diverse variety of furniture in the stores of Big Save Furniture, which has currently four main collections and additional limited collections, which come out as seasonal offers. Big Save Furniture concentrates on lounge or living room furniture, bedroom and saloon furniture and dining room furniture, offering accessories for kitchen, washrooms and bathroom too. In its current limited collection, it offers several surprising pieces of furniture, which are in fact replicas of beautiful French antique furniture, bringing a completely new atmosphere to any flat. The currently steady collections of Big Save Furniture are the following: Verso Collection, Nordic Furniture Collection, Project Furniture Collection, Slumberpaedic Bed Collection, EJP Fabric Lounge Suites

Big Save Furniture also offers leather lounge sofa sets, either made out of leather or upholstered. If you buy them here, no one will see or think that they came less than half the price than they would cost anywhere else. Big Save Furniture’s specialty is upholstered furniture and you can get your current furniture upholstered here. You can find a large range of wooden furniture too, in forms of shelves, bookcases, sideboards, TV and entertainment units, tables and bedside tables. French antique-looking replicas are offered in the Vineyard collection of Big Save Furniture and these include some outstanding pieces such as wine table, drawer and a beautiful wine cabinet. Their retro leather furniture brings you back in the era of Sixties and Seventies’ and they are great when it comes to variations such as the recliners that can be transformed to beds. The brand also offers a nice and stylish recliner collection covered in leather.

The best thing in Big Save Furniture is that they offer so many different styles, from really modern to vintage and antique-looking furniture that here, everyone can find their favourite pieces of furniture and in real can furnish a whole flat out of them. You can save up to 1500 New Zealand Dollars per piece if you buy your furniture here. Big Save offers diverse guarantee and a shopping card, which counts no interest when shopping at specific stores. You can also get loans for the furniture that you would like to buy.

Big Save Furniture has normal and mega showrooms all across the country, in basically every bigger city that include Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Rotoura, New Plymouth, Porirua, Glenfield and Gisborne, among many other cities. It is really worth visiting Big Save Furniture Now, when they have their special Christmas collections and special offers for the shoppers.