Furniture City New Zealand

Furniture City is an Auckland based furniture store that has several showrooms in Auckland, the biggest city of New Zealand. The brand has become popular due to its classy yet contemporary style furniture, which includes leather and upholstered sofas and seating sets, lounge suites, wooden furniture, kids’ room furniture and home office sets as well. The prices at Furniture City are more than friendly and luckily, they do not go on the cost of quality. Let us see the offers at Furniture City a little bit in depth.

Furniture City deals with imported and with its own range of furniture. The brand does its best to be held as an environmentally friendly furniture brand Furniture City is a mid-priced brand with several occasional discounts Furniture City features furniture in the below categories:

• Beds: Furniture City’s one strength is its great collection of mattresses that are New Zealand made high quality mattresses, made by the best quality materials to guarantee a great sleep for all its users. Furniture City offers the mattresses of different brands, such as Tattersfield, Beard, Mazon Virtali, Compac, Beautyrest, Serta and Dunlop Living. You can find around 50 different mattresses made for people with different needs and in different age groups.

• Lounge: The lounge collection includes two-seater, which are mini sofas and double recliners. You can find here sofas for 3 to 4 persons, coffee tables, chairs, corner lounge suites and various sorts of entertainment units. As for their texture, Furniture City offers textile, leather and fake leather sofas and seating sets. The overall lounge furniture collection here is very large, you can find up to 100 different designs.

• Bedroom: offering stylish and classy bedroom suites, foldaway beds and many accessories, the bedroom furniture of furniture city are various in style and colourful in variety.

• Kids’ Room: we can see great bed and kids’ room furniture suites here with fun designs made for children and teens.

• Dining Room: various sorts of dining sets and accompanying furniture make this collection diverse. You can choose from the large variety of chairs and barstools to make your dining room all the more comfortable.

• Occasional: Occasional furniture includes extras as tables, chairs, buffets and display cabinets, entertainment units among others. Occasional offers also include seasonal offers and decorative accessories, to make our flat more vivid. You can get to buy even corner bars, ottomans and storage ottomans in this collection.

• Accessories: As for its accessories, you can find several sorts of home ware at Furniture City, such as tray sets, vases, bowls, various sorts of screens and sculptures.

If you have difficulties with the paying of furniture, you can get a loan with fair conditions in order to being able to enjoy it at home, while you are paying for them. Furniture City also accepts several shopping and credit card payback or adds reward points for each sale.

If you are in Auckland, do not miss visiting this great store Furniture City, where it is very easy to shop as many furniture as your flat or house can take. Furniture City is great when it comes to quick and more effective furnishing of your flat with stylish furniture.