Furniture Stores New Zealand

New Zealand has a wide variety of furniture stores, and if we look at New Zealand, it is rightfully so, because the country is huge apart from having a relatively low population. We can find dozens of different furniture stores here from the cheapest to the most expensive sorts of furniture. In our article, we would like to represent you with some of the most popular furniture brands in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a vast country having Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch as its key cities. Naturally, most furniture brands can be found in these cities, with a few exceptions of those brands that are located in multiple cities of the country: Let us see the biggest furniture stores now:

The Warehouse: Warehouse sells everything from cars to electronic appliances and of course home ware too. Being the biggest budget-priced brand, Warehouse is the most available store all over New Zealand having stores in every town of the country. They deal with all sorts of home furniture and sell accessories such as linen, curtains and carpets. There are frequent sales, and what more, you can also buy goods here online with delivery. The good thing in Warehouse is that you can also get home appliances here. Warehouse is also famous for being the only brand which also offers kitchen and bathroom furniture with appliances in its collection.

Big Save Furniture: Low budget furniture for those who cannot afford more, the Big Save Furniture brand operates all over the country and acts as a good choice because it sells mediocre quality but durable pieces of furniture. You can find all sorts of furniture here except home appliances.

Furniture 2Go: This is a growing furniture brand concentrating mainly on the Northern Island. The brand concentrates on home furniture and the several sorts of beds and sofas available on the market today. Furniture2Go has more than 10 stores all across New Zealand. The brand concentrates on offering indoor furniture with the exception of sanitary products and bathrooms.

Furniture City: An IKEA like modern furniture store offering up-to-date trendy home furniture based in Auckland. The brand is popular because it has an extensive range of products for every sort of room in a house. The brand does not offer kitchen and bathroom furniture neither appliances but has a great range of home accessories collection.

Simply Furniture: This is a Christchurch-based company having two large department stores in the city. The brand offers a wide range of quality home furniture concentrating on both indoor and outdoor furniture. Retro England collection of the brand is especially popular.

Kitchen Studio: One of the biggest kitchen furniture brands of New Zealand offering a great deal of contemporary kitchen furniture in its close to 20 stores. The brand is based in Auckland.

The Bathroom Warehouse: This is the biggest bathroom store in New Zealand where you can find hundreds of bathrooms of different styles. The brand is based in Rotoura and has only two stores yet it is promising to open more showrooms all over the country in the upcoming years.

These are some of the biggest and most well-known New Zealand furniture stores that you can find in the country. Apart from the Warehouse, as you can see, each store is based in one city or one part of the country. We suggest you to start your search with the Warehouse, as it has some of the best variety. If you want higher quality, then visit Simply Furniture (if you live in Christchurch) or Furniture City (Auckland).