PK Furniture New Zealand

PK Furniture is a New Zealand based contemporary furniture brand that sells its own furniture sets. The Auckland based brand is getting extremely popular and it has good deals for friendly prices. In our article, we will look at the products, variety and the whereabouts of PK Furniture.

PK Furniture has a nice variety of furniture that is diverse in style, mainly preferring the nice and classy wooden designs from contemporary to colonial style furniture. The brand concentrates on living room, bedroom and dining room sets, offers a good variety of cabinets,shelves, hutches, buffets, desks and bookcases. PK Furniture also has a nice collection of outdoor furniture and umbrellas. It offers living room and bedroom packages for a very reasonable price and the quality of its collections is undoubtedly very strong.

PK Furniture doesn’t specifically deal with leather furniture but prefers them all upholstered, with a nice range of shades and textures it hard to choose from its huge variety of loung seating compositions, such as sofa sets, armchair sets and corner lounge suites. Let us look at PK Furniture’s own selection of its most popular furniture collections:

Bristol is a classic style set of beautiful honey to champagne coloured wooden furniture that reminds us to the colonial style designs with a touch of country in design. This rich wooden furniture set includes TV cabinets, display cabinets, buffets, hutches, dressing tables, bedside tables, tallboys and shortboys. The collection also contains classic/country style bed, blanket box and dining set. This nice collection brings a real cosy atmosphere into any flat or house.

Flinstone is similar in style to Bristol collection with a difference between the actual colours of the wood, which at Flinstone features much darker shades. This collection also represents all sorts of stylish cabinets, drawers, tables, chairs, buffets and lounge tables. You can practically furnish the whole flat or house with Flinstone, to create a classic style home with a touch of vintage.

Isabella collection features burnt orange coloured wooden tallboys and drawers especially, which can serve as a great addition to a lounge or to bedroom furniture.

Monica is featuring dark chocolate coloured wooden sets, this collection concentrates on furnishing the dining room, featuring great and stylish buffets, drawer hall tables but also displaying coffee tables, lamp tables and TV display units.

Wellington: Made out of quality chestnut timber, Wellington is the most contemporary of each collection yet stays classy in the same time. Featuring rustic buffets, cabinets, drawers, tallboys and bookcases, this collection is also overly popular.

PK also features full ranges of collections that contain furniture or the whole home! These include some of the above-mentioned collections such as Flinstone or Monica but represent other great sets such as the purist Oslo, the orange shade King or the black Alfresco ranges. You can choose out of the large collection of lounge seating sets.

PK Furniture in Auckland New Zealand has really great wooden furniture collections which are really worth seeing and they also offer good condition loans for those, not having enough money to pay for a piece or a range of furniture in one.